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Hillary Clinton Announces Partnership to Help 5 Million Women and Girls is a recent post of mine at BlogHer about Intel and World Pulse teaming up to expand digital literacy skills for girls.

Ladies in Tech with Jenn Lukas at CTRL+CLICK CAST.

Designing User Interfaces for Older Adults: Myth Busters is SO RIGHT. The idea that older people don’t understand anything is SO WRONG. Here is wisdom from UX Matters.

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The ABC’s of Usability, Part 9 is at Usabilla. They are defining terms in a move to teach you the basics.

Support a user’s ability to resize text. This is from Simply Accessible. One thing it talks about is the uselessness of text resize widgets.

Twitter loses money, as many have reported. Yet it’s going to try to raise a billion dollars in an IPO. In a lot of ways that doesn’t make sense, but I recall Amazon losing money for many years before it started turning a profit.

The voice talent behind Siri has spoken out. Her name is Susan Bennett. She’s going public now in an effort to make sure the right person is recognized for the famous voice.

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Trusting your gut instincts is an interview at .net with Steph Troeth. Learn something about this important leader and find out what a user experience strategist is.

A Hierarchy of Information Needs is from Content Strategy >n00b< and is a worthy read.

TechCrunch weighs in on Why Obama’s Radical Education Plan Could Finally Disrupt College. They make some interesting points, but the article is in the realm of speculation, not fact. What did you think of his education speech the other day?

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How to Fail at UX in 3 Steps is a very short video, but it makes strong points.

Where will this lead? Microsoft shows off a wall of 200 Windows Phones you can control remotely.

In case you’re already deeply committed to Instagram’s new video service, here’s How to Embed Instagram Video on Your Website.

Mobile Web Problems and How to Avoid Them is a series of problems collected by Brad Frost and Jen Simmons over the last few months. You see screen shots of the problem and get tips on how to avoid the errors.

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A complicated question about making a form within a table that is accessible gets a great answer from Jared Smith at Web Standards Sherpa’s Facebook page.

You read A List Apart without me having to remind you to, right? Nevertheless, I thought this customer services post called Designing for Services Beyond the Screen was really excellent. How can you take the lessons from this article and apply them to your site?

Wow, talk about going mainstream. Ms. Magazine is getting into the fray on the topic of the miserable representation of women in gaming. Actually, About Half of Gamers are Women. It’s a good summary of the topic if you haven’t paid much attention before.

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Mobile Website Design: 30 Pro Tips at Creative Bloq makes some excellent points and has some graphics that look helpful to use in a classroom. This graphic, for example, in tip 15.

content stacking wireframe

In keeping with that wireframe image, take a look at this inspiring collection of wireframe sketches from various designers. UI & Wireframe Sketches for Your Inspiration.

July 1 will be the end of Google Reader. Are you prepared? I’ve been using Netvibes after trying it out along with Feedly for a week long trial period. Netvibes won. Here’s a list of 12 alternatives to Google Reader. Just a reminder that there are links in the sidebar so that you can subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog using what ever reader you love the most.