Useful links: title attribute, tech legislation

Two articles about the title attribute provide new thinking on the usefulness of the attribute. From David Bell, I thought title text improved accessibility. I was wrong. An update from the Paciello Group Blog, Using the HTML title attribute – updated. I’m going to have to rethink my use of the title attribute in affiliate links to serve as a notice that the link is to an affiliate. May simply state it in the text instead.

Ars Technica talked to the Congresswoman from Silicon Valley at CES. It’s worth reading her thoughts on where tech legislation will go in 2013.

Useful links: Flexbox, Top 20 Talks, Accessibility, Data Vis

Absolute must reading defines this excellent explanation of flexbox. Dive into Flexbox is from Greg Smith at bocoup. I think you’re going to read this more than once or at least refer to it often.

The Top 20 Conference Talks of 2012. This is at .net magazine. Twenty talks – only one by a woman. I think this reflects the fact that they mostly asked men to name great talks.

Learning about Section 508 for the first time? Demystifying Accessibility describes a first encounter with it and lessons learned.

data visualization is editorial is an interesting post about converting data to visual displays. Be sure to click through to the d3.js site for info on how you can get started with this.

Useful links: iPhone accessibility, a11yMTL, maps

Here’s a video of how blind people use the accessibility features of iPhone 4S.

Another video, this time with accessibility expert Derek Featherstone talking about bringing accessibility to mobile. This is a talk from a11yMTL. YouTube also has video from the event by Shawn Henry, Elle Waters and more.

You can now get Google Maps for your iPhone.

Southwest Conference on Disability

the presenters page from PDF document

Yesterday Emily Lewis and I gave a presentation on web accessibility at the Southwest Conference on Disability in Albuquerque. We talked about accessibility tests and what to do with the results of your tests.

We don’t have a slide deck to share, but did create a PDF document with a number of links of interest to the people who attended. We also have some pages of code snippets that show correct code to fix the errors we demoed. Go to our presentation materials.