Now Google will figure out a Bacon number

Remember that game where you figure out the number of degrees of separation between some celebrity and Kevin Bacon? Well, now Google has a search function that will do it for you. It’s called “Bacon number.”

Type Bacon number and some celebrity’s name into Google and you’ll instantly get that person’s Bacon number. I tried some names I thought were pretty far from connected to Kevin Bacon and couldn’t find anyone with a number higher than 2. Here are some examples. Click on a thumbnail to embiggen.

IMDB shows 74 titles in Kevin Bacon’s filmography. That must connect him to absolutely everyone.

Go try it. It’s fun. If you get a number higher than 2, please share who it was.

3 thoughts on “Now Google will figure out a Bacon number”

    1. I tried thinking of someone old – like Vincent Price – and got low numbers. I think younger people would be more degrees of separation. They haven’t been around Hollywood as long. Your Justin Beiber number, and the tweet from Janina sort of confirm my theory.

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