6 Cloud Computing Videos to Explain Everything You Need to Know

When the cloud is involved in something, it is just bound to become a sticky situation. There is a lot of technology and a lot of data involved whenever the cloud comes into play. And not only can it lead to all sorts of different technological issues, but private information of countless individuals can be at stake when something happens with the cloud. But on the plus side, the cloud has also got a lot of good points about it. The following videos will explain a lot of important information that might not be obvious to you.

6. Marcus J. Ranum on Cloud Computing Security

This video is important and educational – not because it is actually going to teach you anything about cloud computing, but because it is a great example of how not to sound when someone asks you a question about the topic. Cloud computing does not go through the regular mail, and there are no foggy clouds. And if you want to know the level of expertise a person carries with regard to cloud computing, have them watch this video and study their reactions. The harder they laugh, the more they actually know about the subject.

5. Cloud Computing Explained

Do you actually know what cloud computing is? If you are like a lot of people, the answer is no. If you would like to know the basics of cloud infrastructure and hosting, this video breaks it down for you. If you watch the videos that come after this one on the list first, you might find yourself lost.

4. Cloud Computing Security

This is a basic discussion of how security differs on public versus private networks. If you have been considering both possibilities for your business, this is a very valuable video to watch. It is short, concise and will help you make a responsibly informed decision.

3. Security Concerns in Cloud Computing and SaaS

This might be the scariest video out of the entire lot. While every video here will help you to see how vulnerable you really are, this man admits outright that most major companies are not very secure with their data, which might be your data, too.

2. Chris Richter on Cloud Computing Security and Compliance

Mr. Richter lays it right out – this is the start of a long thought process for you. There are compliance auditors, who are out to make sure outsourcing is being done reliably. He also makes a great point about making sure that the data centers you outsource to can essentially field strip their own server architecture. “Know thyself” has never been more true.

1. Evolving Role of the Data Center (in the Cloud)

The data center of the past is an endangered species. The more the cloud comes into prominence, the less people should be necessary to maintain the data center.

Some of the info contained herein is a bit radical. Most will get you thinking a lot about how safe your data really is. But in the end, these videos will take you a good way down the path to a higher level of outsourced data handling understanding.

Guest Author: Jessy is the creative writer for Storage.com, Miami FL self storage aggregation tool owned by Self Storage Co, LLC, and founded in 2010.

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