Useful links: HTML5 media, real names, Jonathan’s card

HTML5 media is a new site that promises their script will let you get HTML5 audio and video working with just one line of code. Supposed to work for all browsers and phones. Haven’t tried it – have you?

In the previous post, I linked to danah boyd’s thoughts on real names. Now Kathy E. Gill from Wired Pen chimes in with Google+, Facebook and Online Identity: The Problem With “Real Names” (And Why It Matters To You). She says,

Whatever its root cause, this is a line-in-the-sand moment. Corporations are re-designing Internet architecture in ways designed that counter the Internet’s fundamental support of anonymous, distributed, geographically-neutral behavior. The only beneficiaries of that change in architecture are governments and corporations.

And that’s politics.

An interesting social experiment with a Starbuck’s coffee card by Jonathan Stark. You can buy a coffee with his card. You can also add funds to his card. Fascinating watching what people are doing with it.

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