Useful links: LinkedInMaps, using HTML5, CSS3 logo, LinkedIn button, Foursquare badges, Blekko

Hubs and Connectors: Understanding Networks Through Data Visualization talks about LinkedInMaps. Very interesting stuff.

Get familiar with HTML5 at Opera Dev is another great post from Chris Mills that explains what HTML5 offers and why teachers should be using it now.

CSS3 gets a new logo is a new look at the HTML5 logo event. This whole versioning number/logo thing is getting pretty funny.

The LinkedIn Official Share Button – Why Should A College Care? explains why you should care.

Foursquare’s University Badges Now Available at All Colleges & Universities now available for every college and university around the world.

Blekko Bans Content Farms Like Demand Media’s eHow From Its Search Results The new search engine that promises no spammy search results takes a big step. Google is taking steps in a similar direction. Watch for an article from me about this tomorrow. (Or today, on BlogHer)

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