Useful links: Web Directions, HTML5 Watch, Pew on Reputation

Web Directions North has a new web site and an announced lineup for the Atlanta, GA, conference September 21–25. This group includes a lot of people interested in web education, InterACT, and OWEA. You don’t see  it on the agenda, but there will be plenty of people there who want to engage in conversation about web education. If you are a web educator, this might be the conference for you!

HTML5 Watch is a Tumblr blog collecting links to projects in HTML5. Not only can you find HTML5 projects that way, you can contribute links if you know of anything that isn’t already there.

“When compared with older users, young adults are more likely to restrict what they share and whom they share it with.” That’s according to the Pew report on Reputation Management and Social Media. The report also states, “Young adults, far from being indifferent about their digital footprints, are the most active online reputation managers in several dimensions.” Read the full report online here.

The InterACT Summit I mentioned a couple of days ago is already filled. If you wanted to attend, I hope you registered in time. (There is a waiting list, if you want to keep your fingers crossed.)

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