SXSWi: Bike Hugger and Beer BBQ

I dropped by the Bike Hugger and Beer BBQ Saturday evening. It was in a tented area across the street from the convention center. Free food, free beer, free schwag for bikers and a drawing for stuff that I didn’t hang around to check out. Lots of people rode in on their bikes, and then there were others like me who were still dragging their computer around.

I actually went because I was asked to be a member of the WaSP Education Task Force. There were supposed to be a bunch of people from WaSP ETF there and I wanted to talk to them about the job before I accepted it. I couldn’t find the people I expected to find, but I did talk with another new task force member, Aarron Walter. Aarron is bursting with so many exciting ideas for ways to get web standards into the university curriculum that I can see that working with him and the other team members promises fun. So I joined the team.

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