SXSWi: Saturday Book Readings

Book Reading: Lance Loveday and Sandra Niehaus

The book readings, a new feature at SXSW this year, started today with Web Design for ROI with Lance Loveday and Sandra Niehaus. The writers have 20 minutes to try to explain what their book is about.

Book Reading: Charles Wyke-Smith

I actually started the day at the book readings because I wanted to meet Charles Wyke-Smith, who described his book Stylin’ with CSS (second edition). I was the technical editor on the second edition of the book and wanted to say hi to Charles. I also got to meet Michael Nolan, an acquisitions editor at Peachpit Press who I worked with on Charles’ book. How can you beat a thing like that as a SXSW event.

Charles talked about the main features of his book and how to use CSS with valid XHTML to create stylish web pages. He also described his frameworks system, which provides reusable code that can speed up development time by giving you preworked snippits of CSS that do common chores.

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