At the bookstore at SXSW

Learn more about best practices in teaching web design at SXSWi

I’m scheduled to be in the bookstore for a signing on Sunday, March 11 from 4:30 to 5:00. Come on by to say hello and pick up a signed copy of Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS.

I’ll be sharing the table with:

  • Ian Lloyd Build Your Own Website the Right Way
  • Annalee Newitz She’s Such A Geek
  • Dan Saffer Designing for Interaction
  • Dan Cederholm Bulletproof Web Design
  • Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine Ask a Ninja

I’ve reviewed the books by Ian Lloyd and Dan Cederholm here and they are both excellent. In fact, I can’t think of a better list of must-have books for learning the art and practice of HTML and CSS than Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS, Build Your Own Website the Right Way, and Bulletproof Web Design.

I haven’t read She’s Such a Geek, but I do read the excellent blog by the same name. Ask a Ninja and Designing for Interaction have completely excaped my notice, so I can’t offer a mini-review of them. My advice. Buy my book! Buy all our books!

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I decided to quit complaining and take action

Enough already with the facts and figures. I’m going to take action. Here’s what I commit to do:

  • Send proposals for presentations to at least two conferences where I’ve never presented
  • Send proposals for articles to at least two publications where I’ve never published

This is definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. Check back in a year and we’ll see if I added to the percentages on the female side of things with my efforts.

Meri Williams responded to gender/diversity issue by opening up a new site for those of us who have the potential to be speakers but are in need of some mentoring to really get going. Make Me a Speaker. If you want to be either a mentor or a learner, get on over there and make yourself known.

Who’s counting? Kottke, that’s who

Those of you who are long-time readers of this blog know that I love to end a post that announces an event with a list of the number of male speakers versus female speakers and a smart a**ed, “But who’s counting?” Well, Kottke is counting and he’s got the goods, the facts, the data, the real stuff: Gender diversity at web conferences (

Addendum Feb. 23, 2007: Not surprisingly, Dori Smith has some things to say on this topic and provides some interesting links to more information.

Addendum Feb 24, 2007: Even more fun. Shelly Powers, at Just Shelly has some things to say, too. And so did Eric Meyer. You might want to read Eric’s Thoughts before you read Shelly’s so you can form your own opinion first. (Well, well, well. Eric thought again and braves admitting it in public.) There’s something that feels very like the voice of wisdom from John Allsop. And one final addendum, then I’ll stop. Be sure to read Anil Dash: The Old Boys Club is for Losers.

Let’s not forget the beginning of this post, where I pointed to Jason Kottke’s real facts and figures. These speak loudly even without commentary.

What I want my camera to do

OK, camera makers, are you listening? I want to be able to email photos from my camera. My good camera, not my phone. I want my close up lens, my landscape view, my 12X optical zoom. And after I take a photo with my good camera I want to send it directly to Flickr. I don’t want to wait to upload it to my computer and then email it.

One more thing. I want it cheap! Let me use some existing form of service through my cell phone company or my ISP or some other service that I already have. I don’t want to have to pay $25 a month for this. Let me know when I can do this, ok? Thanks, camera makers.