Media Report to Women Home page

Media Report to Women Home page Media Report to Women stands alone in providing information on all types of media — television, cable, film, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the Internet and other emerging media — and the way in which they depict women and issues of interest to women.

The story is still a sad one in terms of women in the media, news coverage of women in congress or in business, women on talk shows, women’s portrayal on TV, women in media careers.

The one spot where I see a possible tipping point is women’s use of the internet. Men and women have identical rates of internet use. That’s right: women have an equal voice on the internet. This fact can make a big difference if women take advantage of it.

Get out there an publish, women! Make that blog, talk, tell it, be opinionated, be informative, be part of the female voice.

Review: Bulletproof Web Design

Bulletproof Web DesignBulletproof Web Design : Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS by Dan Cederholm (New Riders, 2006) makes me long for a Dan Cederholm fan club to join. The book is clear, well-illustrated, easy to use and provides helpful information. It’s landing high on my recommended list.

Cederholm’s explanation of bulletproof is that pages are flexible enough to be readable in many circumstances. Bulletproof pages are based on Web standards, use sensible markup and separate presentation from content. He takes a component approach through most of the book, looking at a small section of a page such as scalable navigation or expandable rows. He examines the way it’s commonly done, then suggests a cleaner and more flexible bulletproof way to accomplish the same thing. In the final chapter, he puts it all together in a complete page.

Many of his bulletproof solutions involve floats. He also uses several hacks. I’m not going to debate the merits of these choices. He explains his solutions and choices quite well in the book. His results are elegant and stand up to the bulletproof test, and he makes no claim that his choices are the only correct choices.

Many of his solutions involve clever use of two or more background images. (Cederholm was the originator of the faux columns concept published originally on A List Apart, an early and widely used solution to the problem of unequal columns based on floats.) He’s the author of another influential book promoting standards, Web Standards Solutions, and owns the site Simple Bits.

Topics addressed include sizing text, scalable navigation, vertical expansion, float-based grids, flexible boxes, table styles, and fluid layouts. This book is a must have addition to your web design library.

Accessible sites showcase

Mainstream Web Accessibility: A Worthy Pursuit | The mission of this new site: “We want to showcase and provide awards-recognition for certain websites – and the developers and designers who make them – which shatter the misconception that accessible web sites are boring and basic. It’s not so and we intend to prove it, or rather, we’ll ask others to furnish the evidence for us. Specifically, we’re looking for sites that meet or exceed our expectations.”

They already have some sites posted that meet their criteria, but it’s almost impossible to tell you anything about them because the color contrast on the page makes the text unreadable. I predict this will change fast!

Announcing a new e-book

E-book iconA Beginner’s Guide: Writing CSS with Dreamweaver 8 is now available. This detailed e-book covers all the important facts about how to use Dreamweaver’s CSS tools.

I’ve worked with beginners for years. I know exactly the kinds of mistakes beginners make with the Dreamweaver CSS tools. I see the same misunderstandings among beginners again and again. This e-book addresses the needs that I’ve learned from experience will strike beginners.

A Beginner’s Guide: Writing CSS with Dreamweaver 8 is a 32 page PDF book that you can buy and download immediately. Learn more!