Useful Links: Girls in IT, wearable tech, early edu

Why schoolgirls are not interested in studying IT is an essay by a 13 year old English schoolgirl.

This bracelet could replace your passwords, your car keys, and even your¬†fingerprints. This is the ultimate in cool and something a forgetful password keeper like myself thinks is a great idea. It’s also the ultimate privacy invasion. Since it can be anything, how long until its baked into something like Google Glass or whatever comes after Google Glass?

3 Tech Skills Every Kid Should Learn at School (but doesn’t) is right on the mark.

Useful links: gut instincts, information hierarchy, education costs

Trusting your gut instincts is an interview at .net with Steph Troeth. Learn something about this important leader and find out what a user experience strategist is.

A Hierarchy of Information Needs is from Content Strategy >n00b< and is a worthy read.

TechCrunch weighs in on Why Obama’s Radical Education Plan Could Finally Disrupt College. They make some interesting points, but the article is in the realm of speculation, not fact. What did you think of his education speech the other day?

InterLab Accessibility Presentation Slides

Today, I did an accessibility presentation for the DOE InterLab conference of national labs. It was a review and refresher with a few new things about ARIA roles added in. The slide deck is available at

The agenda for the InterLab conference shows an interesting list of speakers in addition to my small part. Among the speakers are Emily Lewis and Chantal Forster. Kudos to the DOE organizers of this event for getting so many brilliant women as speakers.

Useful links: Forms in Tables, Customer Service, Female Gamers

A complicated question about making a form within a table that is accessible gets a great answer from Jared Smith at Web Standards Sherpa’s Facebook page.

You read A List Apart without me having to remind you to, right? Nevertheless, I thought this customer services post called Designing for Services Beyond the Screen was really excellent. How can you take the lessons from this article and apply them to your site?

Wow, talk about going mainstream. Ms. Magazine is getting into the fray on the topic of the miserable representation of women in gaming. Actually, About Half of Gamers are Women. It’s a good summary of the topic if you haven’t paid much attention before.

Useful Links: User testing, the marketing chick, SEO success

User Testing for Web Accessbility from six revisions is an excellent summary of user testing and web accessibility.

Must reading: Misogyny and the Marketing Chick.

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors is from Search Engine Land. Well organized and effective tool for checking your site’s SEO practices.